Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Hand made rugs dyes

There are various dyes used to dye the fibers of oriental area rugs, afghan rugs and a wide range of hand made rugs. The better the quality of dyes, the longer will be the life of colors and these will not fade so early.

Two kinds of dyes are used to color the rugs namely natural dyes and synthetic dyes.
The natural dyes include plant dyes, vegetable dyes, animal dyes. The synthetic dyes are man made and also called aniline dyes due to their connection with leather.

The natural dyes are used for centuries to dye the yarn and produce exciting pieces of hand made rugs. These dyes are very durable and genuine. It is really tough to produce natural dyes because these include extractions of wide variety of plants and animals.
Various primary colors are developed and then these colors are mixed together to produce secondary colors.
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